The key to quantitative and easy blood testing

We are a medical product company, driving Dried Blood Spot cards adoption. Our product Qyntest enables the best quantitative accuracy of existing quantitative laboratory-blood-analysis, with the big promise of Dried Blood Spot cards.

Why bloodspot testing?

Patients and care-professionals are stressed around blood sample collection. With a Dried Blood Spot card, just one drop of blood is required. Blood collection can be done by anybody at anytime and anywhere. 

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The product: Qyntest

Qyntest is a polymer card with a patented layered design enabling quantitative testing. Qyntest solves the variations in analysis of a punch out of the current cellulose Dried Blood Spot cards.

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Qyntest can be a platform for a broad range of applications. From clinical applications such as screening, diagnostics and monitoring, to applications in Pharma, Animal, Sports, Forensics and Food & Agro.

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Your opportunity as an application partner

Qynion is open for partners with the innovation willingness and resources to develop and implement an application case and a clear quantified benefit of the total case. We currently deliver functional prototypes of Qyntest to test-partners, now ready to scale demonstration projects.

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About Qynion

Qynion is a start-up company, established in 2014.  The technology is a spin-out from Royal DSM, where a strong foundation was built from 2011. The company is based on the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Geleen, The Netherlands.

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